The coolest bikes

What is considered “cool” in detail, often diverges miles? And this is also true when it comes to bicycles. For some, it must always be the latest floor, an ultra-lightweight bike with hairpin-thin wheels, on which the driver more flying than driving. For others, however, it may not be enough retro. For this group, it must be a Mephisto wheel, of course, without gears. To each his own – the rule applies even here.

tocak 2

So cool – it shows up on the street

It is also not denied that the bike is now also part of the outfit if you will, its extension. Who really wants to come over cool, then just not any bicycle that there were at discounters for little money, but an individually tailored bike, so to speak, presents the best of all worlds. Who has enough change, go to the dealer of his confidence and orders a bike that “tailor-made” is. Just as one wants to have it – just so you get it and can look forward to admiring or envious glances of the environment.

Why not ride a city bike?

Because nothing is as fast-paced as modes, one can actually equal to the idea that everything comes back. So who are still a Dutch bike in the basement, can patiently wait until the good piece is back – complete with purple dots, anti-nuclear stickers or the famous Prilblumen. So cool, will say all that not even had a smile on Dad’s eye angle with the first appearance of this type of bicycle. This form of cool bikes has a big advantage: namely, to be as it were free. This is certainly an argument. Poor but cool, that sounds almost as beautiful as poor, but sexy.

A disadvantage cool bikes – they are favorite prey of thieves

Whoever geared toward cool bikes, has a choice: retro, anti or mega-expensive. What to consider when buying cool bikes also, is the fact that really cool wheels will gladly also stolen. So if such a good deal calls his own, which should, therefore, come to terms, there to guard against now on as his eyeball. That is, to use one drags the wheel in the apartment, it hangs on the wall (as retro!) Or packing it in the office in a quiet corner. There you always know that the bike is still alive, and you can look forward to the use without restrictions.