Enormous importance and effectiveness is given to testosterone and its undoubted advantages related to sports, recreational and professional. Developed industry made it and its derivate illegal. But in this article we will deal with the legal ways to increase it.

Whenever we mention something about bodybuilding, or any other sport, even mentioning the word fitness, the first association linked to hormonal problems is regularly related to testosterone. From most experienced fitness freaks until the beginners, everyone knows that this steroid hormone is responsible for strength, definition of the body and muscle mass. And they are right!

The concentration of testosterone in a man reaches its highest value in the middle of the 20’s, and up to 40’s, every year is reduced by approximately 1%. It is the primary male sex hormone. That does not mean it does not secrete in women. They have greater sensitivity to it. But men secrete it up to 65 times more.

The values of total testosterone in an adult healthy man should be at least 800ng / dl. Unfortunately, the statistics and the numbers compared to this hormone are not encouraging. In the period from 1972 to 1992, the average level of testosterone in men fell by even 30%! Trainers agree that athletes from the ’80s could be easier than builders nowadays (of course, naturally) because they have more testosterone in their bodies.

The role of testosterone in the body is very complex and goes far beyond the muscular biceps, dead lifting or overcoming the heavy weights. When levels are high, the libido is high, and the person will have more energy and assured protection against osteoporosis.

Brain also “likes” testosterone and high levels in the body means improved cognitive functions such as memory and concentration. Low levels are associated with increased bad temper and despair.

With the exception of testicular diseases (tumors or therapy against tumors, injuries, infections,) factors affecting the decrease of testosterone are: stress, excessive obesity, smoking and nutritional habits and sedentary and inactive lifestyle.

Based on all described above, it is easy to conclude that maintaining optimal levels of testosterone in the body has many advantages and it is important to consider ways that are accessible to all. The positive change in the concentration of this hormone in the body can affect the correct exercise regimen, the inclusion of certain foods in our diet and the correct choice of supplements that have proven positive effect in the desired direction.