The 6 Hottest Male Body Parts


Pretty much a classic. If you have broad shoulders, it’d be pretty hard to not get laid. Avoid starting sentences with “I’m not a racist, but…” or “I have a lot of gay friends, so I can say this…” and your entire adult life will pretty much be a poon festival.


Another one you shouldn’t overdo: Even the suggestion of a six-pack is almost as good as a six-pack. An eight pack is too much. A ten pack is “You must be gay.”

Happy trail, even though that is a horrible name for it

Once again, you (most of us, anyway) never want to feel mid-hookup like you are getting sexual with a child. A happy trail separates the men from the boys. When a dude stretches, his shirt goes up, and you see a tiny bit of happy trail, it has the same effect as a girl’s cleavage does on a guy.


I have this theory where forearms are visually like a dick substitute, because of the veins and stuff. But it also might be as simple as “big, muscular, moderately-hairy forearms mean that you can kill food and keep me warm.” It also signifies that the guy is holding back his strength when he touches you/me/women, which is cute.


You know on Date 3 where you are sort of drunk and you do that thing where you press your palm against his? And your hand is so much smaller that you feel like a tiny flower?


Not everyone is into super-jacked man boobs, because that is like resting your face on a rock, but a solid, masculine chest — rather than one that has not looked different since you were six years old except for getting bigger, which does happen to some guys/is horrifying — is great.