When Men Don’t Want to Make Love

Although most men will say they rarely refuse making love, when happens that?

It is true that men are normal beings who also experience mood swings and hormone retardation. What can all be their reason for rejecting?

Just like in women, antidepressants affect the lack of sensual desire. Therefore, if your man is currently in a slightly lower mood, be patient to be better.

The desire depends on the balance and amount of hormones in the body, in this case it is testosterone. If your partner has a “desire” problem, maybe the problem is in the lack of a hormone.

There is no attraction
The flame of passion is extinguished if partners lack attraction. Poisoning and lack of quality communication with a partner also kills the desire for affection.


This is a “modern” reason for lack of desire, but unfortunately it is really important. Fatigue, financial concern and family at the end of the day can leave a man completely exhausted. Do not attack him, but give him a fragrant bath and a glass of wine to relax. After that, who knows …


It is said that making love after the quarrel is the sweetest, but it can also be a big obstacle – especially if you are not at the beginning of the relationship. What you have to remember is that during a quarrel you never call your partner a silly name or you insult him in some other way because it will not “evaporate” from the brain and in the long run means a complete cooling of the relationship. Nothing of it.