Top 10 Most Common Men’s Lies

Small lies or concealment of truth from your partner is almost a part of everyday life. And both men and women sometimes lie to protect their beloved half, but also themselves.

Men in a survey have admitted that they are almost daily lying to their partners. One in six men admitted that their partners lie on average twice a day. Apart from lying about the pounds, money situation, and exercise. But, everyone agrees that cheating is the worst thing they are lying about. For the girls or women at that moment, they were in a cafe with a friends or watched the match.

More than a quarter of men agreed with their better sides to look good when they thought the opposite. Below you will find out what the lies most often tell women.

1. “Everything’s fine, I’m fine.”

2. “This is my last drink.”

3.  “The butt does not look great in those pants.”

4. “I did not have a signal.”

5. “My battery has gone down.”

6. “I did not drink much.”

7. “I’m coming fast, I’m on your way.”

8. “I’m sorry, I did not see your call.”

9. “I did not pay much, it was cheap.”

10. “I got caught in traffic.”

The topic of trust is an important factor in all matters of the heart — and here’s why. Men lie to women. Women lie to men. And most people agree that some lying is even necessary — to avoid petty squabbles and to grease the wheels of a relationship.

At the heart of many men’s lies, however, is the male ego. Men lie to build themselves up or to conceal something. But consistent lying — even about minor matters — can unglue a marriage. Women need to know what kind of lies to watch for, when to accept the lies and when to call a partner’s bluff.