Things That Men Refuse in Bed

Women are gentler and more lovable than men who tend to behave safely, and as such they are perfectly suited to them. Men are inflatable beings and it’s not difficult for them to get interested in letting me go back to women’s tricks. But they are also human beings, and they can easily reject some of the female behaviors. Some completely unexpectedly allegations are on the list.

1. Women’s tears
A study recently published in the journal Science revealed that men when they were seducing women’s tears, libido and interest dropped drastically. Therefore, do not play the cards of helpless and crying ladies in trouble. If you want to keep your man interested, refrain from hacking and lambing.

2. Hairy

Men are hairy beings and therefore they are very attracted by smooth, self-contained bodies without hair. They are excited by the look and touch of smooth legs, but they also bother with the hair that should not be there. Do not immediately condemn them – these processes take place on a subconscious level. Therefore, devote a little more attention to the arrangement of your body, and pay special attention to your face.

men refuse

3. Reconsidering your instincts

It is true that men in some situations can behave like assholes. In the same way that we are annoyed by such an attitude of nerves when we try to justify everything and everything without any doubt. No, your colleague may not be embarrassing, but surely catchy. The reasons why such a thing is not important at all. First of all, start thinking about yourself and your feelings, because your man also thinks about it when he gives you support.

4. Sweet smell

If you think you’ll take him to bed by smelling sugar or chocolate, think again. If it is judged by a scent test carried out internally by the American Cosmopolitan, sweet and fruity fragrances remind men to trade sweets or kitchen, but not even a bedroom. A better choice is the refreshing scent of the bath. Boys just adore girls that smell like they were out of the shower that time.