The Secrets Your Body Reveals About You

How much do you know about a man’s body? The following “technical data” except than informational purposes could also enhance your sensual life. So read it carefully!

1. When a man is under stress, levels of adrenaline and dopamine are increasing, it is easier to excite and and hardly to control desires.

2. Eyebrows and teats are very sensitive to the touch because they do not have fat cells.

3. The inside of the male ankle is very sensitive because the neurological pathways lead to genitalia. Light ankle massage boosts excitement.

4. The male brain produces less serotonin and oxytocin than females. Serotonin calms down, and oxytocin stimulates closeness.

5. If the male’s ring is longer than the index finger, it has more testosterone than the average.

man's body

There is ‘man time’ and ‘woman time.’ For men, time goes by faster than for women. Einstein tried to explain this with his theory of relativity and I think it was all about trying to get along with his wife. So, the next time a guy doesn’t call or text a girl back right away or it’s been two weeks since he last said ‘I love you,’ just remember that it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care it, it just means that time passes differently for him.

Ladies, we don’t like when you’re laughing too hard at another man’s jokes. Unless we’re at a comedy club or he’s your father, there’s no reason for that.

Women need to know that looks aren’t the only thing that matters to us. If I want to be in a relationship with somebody, I need to have a deeper connection with them than just the physical. The best thing that a woman could do to attract me is to be herself.

Men already love your body as it is but when you’re confident, it’s even more of a turn on! Along those lines…lingerie is way overrated!