Money Are The Only Real Aphrodisiac

Science has confirmed what many of the people were afraid – the best aphrodisiac in the world is money.

People who do not care for their financial situation enjoy more in the bedroom than people who care about the money. Scientists at Newcastle University have recently found that the frequency of female satisfaction grew with the partner’s revenue.

63% of rich men say that their wealth “allow better performance in bed.” However, it should be noted that their definition for better action is action with more girls.

However, it is interesting that 88% of women confirmed that the money made action in bed better and with higher quality, says expert Robert Frank.

The essence is that the money will relax you, which is one of the ways for better performance in bed. They, however, added that it is temporary. Scientists say that money change people and rich people will behave dishonestly. Also, rich partners more often are cheating.


Scientists from the University of Warwick in England have discover. The action in bed for 99% of people will bring more happiness than money. But does not meet our psychological needs for intimacy and emotional ties, say psychologists.

We see older rich men with young, beautiful women so much that it has become a stereotype. Whatever your opinion about this phenomenon, you have to  admit that these are the smartest women on the planet. Sorry feminists, but inheriting a fortune for very little to no work is way more clever than busting your ass your whole life just to get by. First of all, women live longer than men. These women have a huge head start because they are substantially younger than their benefactors. Once the guy is gone, these ladies have money, security, independence, and another 30 years to find gorgeous, younger guys. Now someone convince me that isn’t clever as shit.