Jason Statham’s Way to Hot and Strong Body

Action movie star, the popular Jason Statham, has the fitness body that every man wish. However, such a body did not come by chance but hard exercise. And if you want to follow his path should listen  his five tips.

Reduce the risk of injury

How Statham action movies recorded his body must not only be a good fit, but must completely reduce the risk of injury leading to delay recording on which no one in Hollywood is not looking favorably. It is therefore extremely important to warm up, and the proper exercises too.

Focus on critical points of your body

Statham pay special attention to his feet which it considers to have been the weakest part of his body and trains them on a daily basis. Start training your weakest part of the body and then move on to the rest of the muscle groups.

jason statham

Personal fitness coach

If you are able to use a personal coach who will devote time training only to you, you are on the right way. The coach will supervise how you can exercise, correct the error, advise you and motivate. With good coach progress will be much faster.

Balance between training and recovery

Strenuous training has to drag along and high-quality recovery time to the muscles get relax and ready for the new hard training. If overtraining muscles will not progress fast as they would like, therefore, find the perfect balance between training and rest.


Drink coffee before the exercise

Statham believes it is very important to listen to your body that you only “talk” to its needs. Therefore, before going to the gym necessarily drink coffee to increase alertness body. The most important thing is that you do not get tired of training, but even such small things, like coffee, can help you.