Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

Although the lower level of testosterone quality becomes more notable and visibly to men between 45-50 years, some research are showing that many man in their thirties can feel effects of low testosterone in the body. Some Research, as it is published in the “Aging Male” are saying – “The reduced level of testosterone in the course of the years eyelids affect the quality health.”

There’s some options to optimize the production of testosterone in the body in a natural way. These strategies are including how best to go to structure your training, food you should eat and avoid, as well as factors in the way of living.

1. Sleep enough

Lack of quality sleeping is proven that reduces the level of it. Try to sleep least 7 hours every night. It’s even better is if you sleep 30-40 minutes during the day.

2. Eat vegetables

Phytonutrients in vegetables such as e broccoli, cabbage, spinach can you assist them to increase the level. Pay attention to enter 1-2 Serving vegetable each day.

3. Avoid alcohol

Drinking alcohol will certainly reduce the level of testosterone. Try to control yourself and have no more than 1-2 drinks when you decide to drink.

4. Eat enough protein

Consuming enough protein not only helps the body to recover and muscle to grow, but also demonstrated that increases  levels. Eggs, pure beef, fish, whey protein – all of these are excellent sources of protein. The recommended dose is about 1.5 grams of protein per body weight.

Testosterone Levels

5. Train at night

We know that testosterone levels are higher in the morning and afternoon, you can be stronger in the morning to exercise. But research is suggesting that testosterone levels fall cascade throughout the day, so training late afternoon or evening can help increase the testosterone level.

6. Use supplements carefully 

If you are interested in supplements that naturally increase levels, take Tribulus terrestris, Eurycoma longifolia Jack, fenugreek, carnitine and ZMA. Read the instructions carefully and use caution.