Here’s Why Men Are So “Excited” In The Morning

Early morning. You turn around the bed, and a surprise awaits you. No matter how difficult it is to accept, the morning erection has nothing to do with the way the man spent the night.

Men, for example, suffer from more than one erection. The morning is best known because we see and feel its consequences. It is an automatic body check system whether everything is fine and if it is thumb up.

Do men really think with two heads?
During the REM phase of sleep, there are no chemical blockers that should over the course of the day prevent the tension in the pants in inappropriate situations. As the brain no longer holds the brake, his friend is free to think “with his head”. So do not blame it if you notice the greeting and the moments when you do not do the usual common activities in which it usually occurs. And yes, his reaction is not related to what he dreams. We know this because the first male erections were observed in male fetuses in the uterus. Also, maybe the man has problems with erectile dysfunction. So if in the morning you are suddenly surprise, the problem is probably not physical but psychic.

excited morning

The other terouse says that “raising the tent” is closely relate to a mechanism that prevent men from getting into bed, “reports IFL Science. Before you think it’s boring, every awakening is the same story. Remember that this morning’s miracle is directly relate to testosterone secretion and as such with age it’s getting worse. The absence of morning erection is the first indication that something is not what it should be. So instead of staring at your eyes, smell what’s up there, with your mum’s all right.