How do I get rid of unwanted chest and back hair?

Annoyed with excessive hair on your chest and back? Trim it down with a full body trimmer regularly. Don’t opt shaving as it leaves the skin surface coarse.

I am 29 years old. I have excessive hair growth on my chest and back. While I don’t want to get rid of completely, how do I manage it?

With excessive hair growth on the chest and back, it can get quite messy after some point of time. Here are some tips to manage the dense growth:

  • Ensure that, the growth at the back and chest are in the same proportion.
  • For keeping some length on, the body hair trimmers are the best tools. They come with different adjustments for different lengths.
  • Trim rather lightly and use a scissor for light-plucking. Also, while trimming, leave the area from below the chin till a little lower than the Adam’s apple.
  • As for the back – you may want to take a friend’s help.  Begin with trimming from the bottom of your back in straight smooth motions. Be careful, since the blades can scrape your flesh.
  • Shaving is the most common method but you have to be very particular. A little negligence and you could end up with cuts and skin irritation. Also the subsequent hair growth may be much harsher.
  • If you are looking for an absolutely smooth surface, waxing could be an option. But then you’d need to get a session every month!
  • Regular trimming would help control the dense growth and at the same time look presentable in case you plan to go shirtless on the beach.