Erectile Dysfunction is One of The Biggest Men’s Nightmare

It is necessary to know how intercourse is not the only way of expressing love, and occasional impotence is a completely normal thing.

Erectile dysfunction is closely related to diabetes, high blood pressure, alcohol consumption. Some are the result of a circulatory disorder or nerve damage. Impotence includes a psychological component, even where its cause is diabetes or a poor supply of genitals with blood. And a bad relationship can be a sufficient reason for impotence, but on the other hand, it does not have to mean that your partner is saturated with you and wants to interrupt the relationship.

Erectile dysfunction is associating with age, so it occurs in every third person after 45 years of age. So, while a 17-year-old man suffers from unwanted erections and premature ejaculation, an older man needs a lot of love and tenderness to achieve an erection. Such people usually find their measure – one erection every day.

erectile dysfunction

Is there a solution?
A visit to the doctor is mandatory if it is a constant impotence. The doctor will perform complete tests to determine the health condition and possible causes of the discomfort. The treatment mode depends on each particular case. Some will need surgical procedures, and some will have enough injection of a particular drug. In Britain, for example, doctors often overlook a drug that a man can give himself and who, unlike other drugs, guarantees success in 90 percent of cases. However, excessive use of this drug may be dangerous.

Some argue that different methods involving massage also make wonders in overcoming impotence. Finally, one should say that marriage is not the only way of expressing love and passion. In fact, many powerful people use numerous alternative methods to show that they care about someone. Those ten minutes of intercourse for them are not at all in the first place.