8 Reasons You Should Totally Shave Your Body Hair

People may have you believe otherwise, but dealing with body hair isn’t all that difficult. Just take out a razor and shave it all – it’s that simple! Read on as we give you 8 strong reasons why you should get rid of your body hair today.

1. First things first, shaving body hair is hygienic. Shaving not only helps you keep your body clean, it keeps body odour at bay too!

2. There’s only so much expensive clothes can do to your looks. A well shaved body makes you look prim and proper. If you look neat and presentable, half your job of casting a good first impression is done!

3. A body that is well groomed not only looks better, it feels better too. Believe us when we say it adds to your confidence. Even when you have messy hair or your clothes aren’t perfect, you still feel spick and span. There’s no stray hair peeking out from under your shirt collar and your hands don’t look like you belong to the stone age!

4. Gone are the days when body hair was a sign of a man’s machismo. The 70s are long gone, and it is no longer cool to show off your fur. So, if you think shaving body hair makes you less of a man, you gotta open up your mind and keep up with the latest trends!

5. Ask any girl, and you’ll know that guys with no body hair score by a landslide as compared to others. A well shaved body says you look after yourself and that is definitely a turn on for women today.

6. Shaving body hair accentuates every muscle, defines every contour of your body. And you thought, shaving takes away your masculinity?

7. Most men trim their body hair not because they prefer it but because they aren’t bold enough to shave their bodies. Make a bold statement and be who you want to be, because that is what makes you unique.

8. Sex isn’t always about your performance, it is equally about how you look. And shaving body hair definitely makes you look good naked. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Your 20s are the time when you look the best and it is time you shed your inhibitions about shaving body hair. If you want change the way you feel drastically, Gillette Body Razor, Gillette’s first razor specially designed for body grooming without nicks and cuts is all you need! You’re gonna thank us for this.

Source: www.mensxp.com