7 Reasons For Low Libido in Men

Making love is one of the most important things in human life, and healthy drive is an indicator of good general physical and mental health. Read about what can be causing the decreased men’s libido.


The body does not respond well to stress. Emotional stress can negatively affect bodily functions, including sensual desire and performance. Finding the cause of stress is the first step in treatment. Self-help may end, but some people may need counseling with a psychologist.


Tango requires two. Partners should feel attached, and especially the woman should feel close. Poor communication, the feeling that you are betrayed, the lack of trust, and persistent quarrels and criticisms can create a relationship that lacks familiarity and intimacy. Advice can be the solution if it is difficult for couples to solve their problems themselves.


Alcohol is usually not a solution to any problem. Perhaps alcohol will reduce inhibition, but it also reduces sensual performance and libido. Your partner may not like drunken flattery and you can refuse it yourself. Alcohol makes addiction and if you use it continuously, you may need professional help to stop.

low libido

Insufficient sleep

As with any other body activity, the rested body improves performance. Failure and insubordination can also be the cause of the low sensual drive. Obstructive sleep apnea (sleep disruption) as well as snoring are also a potential cause of poor rest and decreased libido. To deal with this problem you may need medical attention.

Low level of testosterone

Although testosterone levels decline with aging, low testosterone levels can be a potential cause of low libido.

Excessive body weight

Excessive weight can affect bad health, also the healthy sеnsual drive. This can be enhanced with low self-esteem.

Lack of familiarity

Intimacy and familiarity are an important part of a healthy love life. Hugging and cuddling matter a lot, while the passing of relaxed time together can again inflame the old sparks.