How Many Calories Do You Burn During Making Love

Have you ever wondered how much calories you spend during making love? Thanks to the new findings coming from the University of Montreal, we find new information in 21 pairs.

Men spend 100 calories at one average exercise less than a cup. Women have a little less fortune (or less effort), so that figure counts to only 69. A typical relationship lasts about 25 minutes, including foreplay. But this is just the average, so the researchers give the opportunity for a relationship between 10 to 57 minutes. Of course the longer the game lasts, the more calories you spend.

Clearer results
At this point you are probably wondering how they came to this conclusion at all? Okay, maybe some of the research involved going to the lab that probably made it harder for the participants to enjoy the act themselves, but today things are a bit different. In this study, bracelets were placed on the wrist bracelet, which recorded all that was needed to complete the research.

making love

The goal was to compare how much calories you spend on fast moving on a moving belt, and how much sensual. The exercise lasted for 30 minutes. They later calculated that walking on the strap, at moderate speed, consumed 213 calories in women. When asked what was their preference for running or making love, 95% of women had love making. The other 5% … suppose they are a professional athletes.

“The intensity level is much stronger in sensual intercourse than fast walking, so it can be concluded that sensual intercourse can be interpreting as a significant exercise,” the statement states.

Let’s go back to start. If you want to calculate how many calories you spend on making love, multiply the time in three minutes (men four). The longer the session, the more calories burned.

Count and enjoy it!