Rules For Unforgettable One Night Stand

These have been experienced by many of us. You are with friends, you feel better and better after two or more cocktails. You do not want to go home, and all your friends are ready to go.

If you are just about a one night stand, there are several rules that will help everything pass without any unpleasant consequences.

1. Send a message, do not call.

SMS messages are practically designed for one night stand. Do not notice mocking and hissing, grammar is irrelevant. And if it is not able to call immediately, you will not be persuade by a strange voice message.

2. When in doubt, rather be wiser than direct.

A bit of a challenging chat, an interesting ambiguous suggestion, a compliment or two to raise an ego in the long run, will have better results than excessive directness. Sending challenging, scary photographs, what you might be sorry for when you’re sober and you start thinking who he could do it all forward.

one night stand

3. Try delivery.

If you are intimate with friends, that does not mean you have to go out to hunt. Stay home and sneak out of bed call the person you like and make sure you join. How to access it – see point 2.

4. Do not go there without a call.

Telling her to surprise her, without you tell it, is usually not a good idea with people who do not have any obligation to you (with which you are not in touch with them). As a rule, they will either be in deep sleep or they may have some other genius on their own.

5. Be careful with the calls.

Before you start calling him, think about what’s happening to him in life. Do you have some important project at work that you have to seriously prepare for? Should I get up early? Did his parents or other relatives come to visit? If you know that there are other obligations, think twice before you click “send”.