How a 90-day Abstinence Affect Men

Change the daily routine in your relationship and you will see how you will fall in love again with your partner, but you will again yearn for it in every sense of that word.
Is Abstinence Really Useful? Or is it not healthy to subdue your natural urges?

Many people are for abstinence even though they are in stable relationships, or married. But after 90 days without love making, many admit that they were much more in love. They felt much more affection for their partner than before.

And these are three great reasons why you should stay away from making love!

Refresh the passion in the relationship

If you want to restore the passion in a relationship, it may be now the best time to abstain for some time. Change the daily routine in your relationship and you will see that you will fall in love again with your partner and that you will long to follow him, in the literal sense of the word. After a certain period of abstinence, the passion in your relationship will again burn.


You have a better relationship with your partner

We agree that love making is a very important item in any mature emotional relationship. Оccasional abstinence can only solidify the relationship and improve all other spheres of your relationship. Take the time without it to focus more on the interests, fears and hopes of your partner. Аbsorb as much as possible from the beauty of the пlatonic relationship.

Easier to distinguish love from passion

It is difficult to separate the passion of love, especially in the initial phase of a relationship. Аbove all because of the stirring chemistry and the blindness that this excitement brings. But occasional abstinence from making love will help you to have a deep, intimate relationship with your partner without first physical contact.