Things That Men Secretly Desire in Bed

If you think that only you have the secret intimate desires in bed, you are wrong.

Research shows that intimate desires are completely normal thing for men and women.

One study found that desires usually involve terms of romantic place, making love with someone who is not your partner and desire to be sorted. Even followed by love in public, threesome and exhibitions.

These are just a few of the most common erotic fantasies:

Making love in public

Studies show that 62% of people fantasize about making love in public. The risk that you will be caught only increases the excitement.


The second is the need to be subdue. Due to the overwhelming responsibilities and decision-making a lot during the day sometimes we just need someone else to be in charge.

secretly desire

Senior partner

The number of people who are sensually arouse the years, due to life experience and wisdom worn. The desire for an older partner is incredibly common and reflects the need for someone to lead us.

Brutal love making

These fantasies are present to men and women, and believe that every third person gets excite at this. Of course this number would increase if there is self-censorship on their own thoughts.

Group love making

Only one-third of couples interested in “Three”, his desire into practice. Others or remain at the level of desire or exercise through webcams.

Attractive partner

Men love women who are attractive. They are not scared of commitment, and they love passion in their relationship. Women should be a little innovative and know the art of flirting. So, when you meet a man for the first time, be a little playful and mischievous. Instead of asking him what he does for a living, ask him what he drives, what brand he wears and what sports he plays. Make sure that you are witty in whatever you say. Keep the relationship fun, and do not let the passion die.