3 Most Important Foreplay Tips

Making love should not happen suddenly and fast, in order to really enjoy every moment of sensual intercourse, and men and women need a little “warming up.”

Apart from your partner’s or partner’s foreplay, you will also get closer to both mentally and emotionally. In addition, you can “cover up” your intimate life with a foreplay and complete the dreams your partner has.

To be completely satisfied, as always, it is important to communicate with your partner. You can communicate in words, but in other ways.

Long kissing before 
Kissing is the way you can fully connect with your partner and partner at the emotional level. A long kissing or bedtime kiss will bring you back to high school when everything was playful and fun. Do not hurry to go to the second step, but enjoy the innocent kiss that you will both devote to.


Neck kissing

The neck is one of the most sensitive places on the body and almost every touch will cause a woman to bite. Just kissing the neck can be a continuation of the previous kissing, and since we are not all equal, some women in the neck can be a very tricky place, but laughter can also be a part of foreplay, so try to be sure of your partner. Like women, men love activities that include the neck. So quiet whispering and the feeling of your breath, by which you show how much you enjoy in his touch, will lick it out.

Massage as a foreplay should not be overwhelming, and its essence is not to have a partner or partner less painful after a hard day at work. This kind of massage should actually be challenge. Mix the light touches with kisses, and let your touches show how you fully enjoy your body or body. You can use aromatic oils to make the massage more sensual. Pay special attention to women in the butt and thigh massage.