How to Make Your Partner Happy?

To enjoy the love making, and to make your partner happy, you should, above all, relax. Fight the complexes and obscure obsessions. Here are the most common.

No one looks perfect, so do not get too nervous. Let your partner love your body, instead of complaining that you have too much stomach, relaxed chest and cellulite on the buttocks. The representatives of the stronger gender do not notice the flaws and they do not mind them, especially if the woman really sensually attracts them. That’s why you relax and let your partner focus. Focus on the touches and kisses, and above all on him, not on his body.

If you are from those who “punish” the partner by depriving themselves of intimacy and tenderness, then do not even expect your intimate life to be good. Close-up is a key ingredient in the relationship and you should not use it as a weapon in disputes.


When he approaches you, you often reply that you do not want to make love. The refusal of a man in such a way disastrously reflects on the love and the marriage. Also the partner’s libido and self-esteem, but also the mood, for that will surely annoy him.

Many women are so relaxed in a relationship that, despite their partner, they do not even fall into their minds to dress up, make up and wear something provocative. However, without a shamrock makeup and in an old wide tracksuits, do not expect us to be a provocative symbol. Remember how you got into the beginnings of your relationship and the beginnings when you made love. From time to time, show the partner that the woman whom he loved just still exists! There is no person who would not want to be more attractive. With very little effort, you can become more attractive to others, but also to yourself!