4 Signs He Will Be Good In Bed

You found a new partner and you are ready to bring the connection to a new level – the one in the bedroom. But how do you know if your partner lusts and in reality get a A+ out of intimate relationships?

Fortunately, there are signs that will tell you if a new man in your life is worthy to become a lover as well. Make sure he promises to be good in that role.

1. He behaves like a gentleman
Do you open your door, help remove your coat, remember to ask yourself for your important project at work? All these are signs to think of you, and if you look at a gentleman outside the bedroom. So you can be sure that the same applies to you when the light goes out.

2. He knows how to touch you
A good lover is the one who appreciates sensuality and beyond the bedroom. A man touching your hand during dinner. Also gently touching your back as you go through the door, catching your hand as you walk will know how to touch you all over your body. Also, this thing guarantees you will have good intimate life.

romantic signs

3. It is not all about him
It’s very likely that the guy’s ‘talk a little bit about my car’ there will not be anyone with whom you want to repeat repeat the action if it does come to him at all. In bed will make you happy the one who will ask you first how you spent the day, take you to your favorite restaurant even though it is not the biggest fan of the food, and watch romantic comedy with you.

4. Do not hurry
A man who wants to have a serious relationship with you knows that you are worth the wait. So if he tells you “wait” or “do not hurry” do not think he is refusing you. Already know he wants you to get to know better in order to make you a better partner in bed.