Should you worry about his hot colleagues?

Worried that your man may cheat on you for that hot co-worker? Read this.

If your partner suddenly starts smelling of a perfume that you don’t own, you need to worry. If he refuses to take you to the office parties you need to worry. And if he comes back home with a ladies scarf in his briefcase, you have all the reasons to worry. But you have no reason to fear without any evidence. Find out what psychologist Dr Vinod Mehra has to say.

Just like you come across many hot men, your partner is going to come across many good looking women in his life. Some might be smoking hot. But if your relationship is healthy, and your relationship is built on the foundation of trust, nothing is going to derail it. He will not even look at any other woman with other intentions.

Do not get jealous
However, try not to get jealous. If you start playing the role of a jealous wife, he may just start finding other women attractive. Instead, let your partner know that you trust him and your bond is strong. If you have issues, talk it out on day one. Here are 7 things you need to avoid during courtship if you want a happy marriage.

Talk it out with your partner
Don’t let your jealousy accumulate. Don’t start collecting evidence by a baseless doubt. You might not find a single one. Don’t go talking about it to friends because no one knows your partner better than you. Trust your instincts instead of getting blinded by jealousy. Discuss it with your partner to hear their side of the story. Here are 5 signs to know if  your partner is cheating on you. 

Befriend his co-worker
If you are jealous of his friends of the opposite sex, hang out with them to know them better. Your partner would love to see her best friends and SO come together. He will even realise if they have been unknowingly paying more attention to the friend than you. Tackle the issue with maturity than just comparing and getting angry.