Tell a guy you like him with these hints

Drop the right signals to let your date know you are interested in him. Play with your hair but don’t over do it. Your body language can really do a whole lot of talking.

If you’ve had a round of successful dates or are interested in him after your first few ones and would wish to see him more often, don’t hesitate to let him know. There are various ways you can let him know that you’re really into him. Here is how you can get your point across to him:

Body language counts 

You should know, your body language says it all.  Look at him, when he is talking to you and make eye contact. Talking with your eyes is the right way to go. Smile, genuinely. Play with your hair if you want to, gracefully though. This also means you shouldn’t overdo anything. Don’t keep falling on him or grabbing his hand when he doesn’t want to. That’s making it a little too obvious or rather he’d be skeptical about your intentions.

Do what he likes, unexpectedly 

Also, if he has ever mentioned how or what he’d want his ideal girl to be like, you could follow his preferences if you wish to. If he has mentioned he would like to see you in a certain dress type or colour, then go for it. Turn up and surprise him!

Show him you care

Be a listener, and keep track of little things. Things he likes. Then, let him know that you know of his interests, in your own way. This will help you take things further. For instance, if he is a George Clooney fan, and a new movie of his is out, you could either plan to watch it together or simply plan to watch an old movie on the weekend. This way, you’d be giving each other chances to spend as much time.

It’s definitely important to let your date know what you think of him but at the same time you shouldn’t go overboard with it. Your actions can be a turn off right away and he may pull back. So play it smart!