Female sex fantasies

From the idea that especially men want sex and love, we have to say goodbye for a long time. A generation full of young, wild and self-confident women has proved us wrong. Although vanilla sex and caresses are not out, but the women of today often have very significant and very interesting ideas about how good and fulfilling sex should look like.

female 1

Men make you beautiful

Although the every day with so many women may be different, in the fantasy and imagination the men are well built and high aesthetics. Here, a study has shown that it depends less on the length as standard equipment in the middle of the body, as a healthy and fit body acting. One or the other going to the gym so can not hurt, if you want to join the fantasies of women world closer.

A wimp to speak – a real guy in bed

Of course, an equal partnership something beautiful and should be understood. But between the sheets, women dream of men who know what they want and take the turns. Women want to be sought after, want to feel that the man does not want to wait for pleasure. Between the sheets, a real man is asked a real grip and knows exactly what he wants: The woman in front of him!

Australian Kissing – dive just once

Almost every woman dreams of Australian kisses. Never heard? As a French kiss, so with tongue – just Down Under. Hardly anything good vibes women as much as the good old oral sex. When men take time and the most sensitive parts with enough appreciation caressing with tongue and fingers, which is a perfect compliment to the woman? Who has here a good technique that can drive the lady quickly into madness?


Toys are the all-time classics

Although sex toys are nothing new or extremely exciting more, yet many women dream of them that they come in bed for use. The wide range of toys and of course to fantasies makes it almost impossible to hit the bull’s-eye. Besides, many women want to get a proper discharge of the fetishes and needs by the partners.

Stamina in bed

A bitter truth. Women often want to be put in long, continuous, so that at all can set stronger feelings in the midsection. Who knows that he does not have this perseverance, should provide the requisite preparatory work. For every woman dreams of that night should not only fulfilling but pleasurable for both sides with the partner.