5 Tips To Have The Perfect First Kiss

Thinking how to get have the perfect kiss moment? Here’s help.

There is no denying that your first kiss with someone is a moment that will be etched in your memory for a long, long time. To get this moment as you’d wished for, it’s always preferable to set the perfect mood so everything just falls into place. Here is how you can create that perfect kiss moment:

Create a build up to the actual kiss

It is always better to build up a moment before the actual kiss so that it is more romantic and memorable. You can do so by dropping hints which will lead to the kiss eventually. Play with each other’s hair, or draw them closer to you, give them a peck on the cheek, or simply gaze into their eyes for a few seconds before kissing your loved one.

Choose a quiet place

You don’t want your kiss to be  in a noisy and unromantic place. Choose a place where both of you could spend time with each other without being interrupted. Make the moment private by going somewhere quiet such as the beach, a park, in your car or in your apartment. This will ensure that the moment doesn’t go awry by interference by a third person.

Make it musical 

Music can help stimulate your hormones in no time! If you have a private space, you can have total control over the volume and the choice of music. Some sensual numbers can set the mood in an instant. You could make a playlist of tunes that you’d want to be playing in the background with songs that can make this moment completely romantic like in the movies.

Dance your way through

Some ‘close dancing’ is a fun way to spice up the moment! Before you know it, things will flow smoothly and would help you take things to the next level. For this, save those dance moves, guide your lady. There is nothing more exciting than leading your partner through a sensual dance.

Recreate your favourite kiss moment

Getting inspired or taking cue from your favourite rom-com movie or book will help you make the moment more magical. Also, you’d know exactly what to do. It may take a bit of an effort to set up the scene but it will be totally worth it and a memorable kiss moment. You could also memorise romantic lines before kissing her.


Source: www.thehealthsite.com