Women and Sex Through the Ages

Sex (quality) is indeed a primal drive – naturally refined by human culture – but a drive. Originally, it was all about multiplication and reproduction, we are thinking of the Stone Age and his Venus of Willendorf, which bore all the hallmarks of fertility: no face, thick breasts, heavy hips. By now no one wanted to go to bed – so to convert the times …

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Sex is not the same reproductive

But what makes today the delights? The emancipated woman having children also plays indeed a role, but it is not the same as sex. Nowadays, the propagation of the pleasure is disconnected, the deliberate prevention makes it possible. These very different freedoms are possible, who did not know the generations before us.

Trust as the basis for great sex

The woman of today wants to be accepted by their sexual partner at eye level – figuratively, physically, in character. You want to trust must and can rely on the contraceptive practices of their playmates (Do not they have to take the pill always!). The trust is best developed through mutual cuddling, small conversations, and nice caresses. A foreplay is a wonderful thing for the partner!

The male tab and the geography

On this familiar base may then be kissed heart’s content: with and without tongue erogenous zones up and down. Everyone will laugh till – or not (shame) lips – dry. These areas are but “researched” only a little later, because it must be made more “assisted” only … Who wants to excite a woman who has to correct “work”, whose tongue gets a lot to do: She knows all the hills and valleys of the female body, finally they also penetrates caves and well shafts.

Naked couple kissing in bed, high angle view

Naked couple kissing in bed, high angle view

High – higher – climax

The fingers get there to do something because they can touch until tender and then press. Often the woman a great deal of excitement already fulfilling, especially when she sees the excited in every limb counterpart (He wears it halt to the outside …) The visible excitation of the partner increases spiraling your sexual arousal, so Rocks to each other up toward orgasm. Although the spiral does not necessarily also the female’s orgasm, especially not at the same time with your partner – that would be quite a feat!

Lust – Romance – Adult

On the Enjoy, on the well-being to each other and each other, that is the point of the woman. Of course, they also want to have fun, try something new and out of his mind. But she wants to make a romantic corner not “working laboratory”, to try new positions. The romance and eroticism are their – mostly – more important than the acrobatics. Therefore: Always calm your horses …