How to wear the dots? This need to know

Summer 2016 is marked by the retro pattern that will adorn absolutely all garments and fashion accessories

Fashion 40s of last century, the focus is placed dots that after all these years reflect the same: sophistication, elegance, and charm. Summer 2016 is marked by the retro pattern that will adorn absolutely all garments and fashion accessories.

Point pieces you need in your closet?


Lightweight cardigan

Although summers are hot, evenings can be windy and colder. Try closing the cardigan that can be bright with dark dots, or vice versa – it is important that the swaying and it is easy to combine with the rest of the clothes that you have. You can wear it with jeans or a stylish skirt, flat shoes or high heels, and in all combinations will look great. Tips and more: Always keep at hand – in the office or the car to be at any moment it could trust.


Shirt, tunic

Fitted sleeve black with white polka dots, asymmetrical tunic dominated by dots of various sizes or tunics that have gum in the waist and can easily be combined with pants and skirts are the perfect way to refresh your look. How to cope? Top or shirt, which for example, the most classical pieces of clothing, wear it with pants or a skirt high waist, add shoes medium-high heels and you’ll get a nice, elegant and fun business look.

Hit the i “dotted,” t-shirts are for his numerous variations of a fun piece of clothing. Wear them for a leisurely and beautiful appearance with dark jeans and ballerinas. But equally, shirts can replace the shirt so nice can be combined with business suits and suits. Tips and more: Point T-shirts can help in highlighting the shortcomings or overlapping structure.

For example – smaller dots should carry heavier women because of the very narrow, while the large dots to create a lush cleavage. Also, only one dot detail on the shirt, like the steering wheel around in the cut-out can further emphasize cleavage.

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Business looks doing some of the (point) skirts

No one will be able to resist when you dress flowing skirt with polka dots. Regardless of whether it is dressed with a plain white T-shirt, shirt or some elegant top! If you are in line built, you will look irresistible. How to choose the right model dotted skirts? Do you have big hips, make sure the skirt follows the line of the body, and to skirt extending from mid-thigh?

When the models twist comes, you agree on skirts popular mermaid silhouette or very modern skirts high waist. For all women with narrow hips are ideal skirts A cut that may be knee-deep or long asymmetrical regions (next shorter, longer in the back). They combine with a short jacket and waist. Want to show your legs, wear a skirt above the knee.


The bag with polka dots? With time you will not go wrong!

If you do not like the dots on the clothes, wear details. Special bags that are truly the spice of every fashion combinations. Do you know how to choose the right balance point? Do you like the color, the bag may be monochrome, and there dots in colors you love. For the lover of blue, black, beige and white are ideal cheerful colors bag where it will be “wasteful” dots of various colors. With bags select and dotted scarves, ballerinas, brooches, scarves. It’s going to be a point on the perfect summer look.


Irresistible dress

Her Majesty dress! I still dotted. Is there anything better? Are you looking for the ideal dress for a special occasion or perhaps a summer look? Choose this way … For every day will give you an excellent fit models “robes” who will be on the side of the tie in a stately bow. Dotted dress tailored like a cloak you wear and for special occasions. Make sure the size of the point; oversized patterns on the front are not friends thinness. In contrast, all skinny ones will just point to give sex appeal. Do you have a tummy, optical him soften folds on which there will be no dots. Do you have a pronounced belly, choose clothes that are tailored combinations of point and single-color fabric.