How to nail polish lasts longer?

We love painted nails because they look nice and groomed. If you own your nails, then you biggest problem durability …

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In fact, even expensive lacquers have one drawback – the short duration of the nails, and after a few days begin to peel the nail. So we have a little explore what to do to nail lasted longer, and advice that we encountered we reveal below. It is a rather simple and completely free of tricks that are definitely worth trying because you really act.

Prepare nails

Before applying the varnish should always be well-cleaned nails nail polish remover, even if you have nail polish before. The nails have a natural fat that protects them, and the fat shortens the life of the varnish on the nails, but it must be removed before painting.

Apply a base coat

Nail polish will be better received if you first apply a base coat of polish. The base paints are inexpensive and are a good choice because the gaps on the nail and nail make resilient allowing him to extend the lifetime of the nails up to several days. Also, you can apply the top coat.

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Paint the nails after a shower

Given that the hot water does not correspond to freshly polished nails, apply nail after showering whether you want it for as long stays shiny and undamaged. The sudden change in temperature and steam from hot water alter the structure of the varnish so he can crack.

Cool nails

The cold thickens easy, while heat makes rare. So paint the nails away from radiators. Varnish will be better fixed with nails or base if it is applied in a cool place. It is good before using easy to put in the fridge for an hour because it will be easier and neater cause.

Choose lighter and metallic shades

For darker shades of nail polish easier to noticed any chips on the nails so better choose lighter shades. Also, it is known that lacquers which contain sequins or tiny granules last longer and look very glamorous. Their only flaw is that it is really difficult to remove, but sometimes it is worth it if you want an easy take as long.

Be patient when the lacquer dries

When Malak irate nails, be quiet and do not do anything hands for at least twenty minutes. Watch TV or just sit quietly. After the polish dries, put nails under running cold water as it accelerates the consolidation of paint, and your nails will be more resistant to scratches.

Lubricate the nails with oil

Get a nourishing nail oil and lubricate it every day of their nails. Nails will be better and stronger, and your nail will take much longer.