For irresistible view of the beach

Use a vacation or in the long hot summer often go to the swimming pool, the beach of the lake, the sea. Hat and scarf not the only solution for an impressive-looking lady on the beach. Here are some ideas that contribute to good looks while you go and stay on the beach.

Lela overalls of lightweight material not only will your skin feel good here and will help overshadow all around you. You’re a lady and a girl in Bohol, it only has to find the perfect hat and large sunglasses.

Short dress with not much room for error. However observe the trend and put someone with slumped shoulders. Wide pants can look very interesting and sexy. Waist mandatory should be low and trousers can be the floor or strips of the environment. The upper part can wear the only bathing costume with hat and you’re ready to win the beach. Set in Bohol style in the form of short shorts and lightweight top with slumped shoulders is something I believe will love. Not only is it pleasant to wear but is also ideal for other occasions besides the beach.

If you still want comfortable as variant and the comfortable cotton short jumpsuit is a perfect choice. The cotton tunic is the same as cotton T-shirt. It is important to long sleeves, and the length is short (as much as possible) and of course be sure to be interesting patterns. In fact, the most important material is natural and it can feel good.

Instead of the classic long dress, choose a long cotton shirt. And that’s it, it remains only to spend great.