Gigi Hadid – The Rising Star

The 20 year old modeling beauty from Los Angeles, was born to be in front of the camera. She’s very young but already is one of the most famous supermodels.


Very early, calls from Sport Illustrated and Tom Ford started coming in, so she’s career began to    gigi-hadid-2015-photo-sports-illustrated-1715941173

She’s so stylish so she can literally transform the street into her personal runway.


Perfect casual combination.

gigi-hadid-9-1469202192         gigi-hadid-street-16-1469201779       fashion star

Literally no one else looks like this on the street of New York. So chic and fashionable.

Hadid is part of a new breed of supermodel star. Unlike their 1990s predecessors, who steadily climbed to the top with years of editorial shoots and runway shows, these girls quickly muscled their way into the upper echelons with social-media followings blazing. (Hadid has more than 4.5 million Instagram followers.)