8 things to consider when choosing a dress

Dress with pockets in the side seams, V neckline, length around the knee, with flat or slight A-cut skirt flatters every figure. And we saved you a few tricks that you should pay attention when buying a dress.

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Cut out

The sensual and feminine neckline is decorated with silhouettes of women, do not underestimate him. Emphasize the U or V neckline, they are all good, elongate the neck, the face of stress, appears elegant.


Dress the switch is the universally good choice, makes the waist thinner. Try and models with pleats at the waist, shapely fit different women. Height profession determines the type of dresses, Empire, princes, cocktail … Choose a dress that accentuates the narrowest part. On the big tits are good models with the high waist, while the elongated structure fit models cut at the waist with a skirt or A-cut models with longitudinal seams.


Dress with a flat bottom part and the lower part of which slightly expands correspondingly to each type of material.


Quality hemmed skirts and dresses are hand-stitching or who can not see his face. This hem should not be too tough.

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One-colored dresses are most easily combined with other pieces. Dark colors visually narrow the light will operate fresher and younger in a strikingly bright. If you like a colorful, small design fits small women, and in larger and small and sturdy.


Paspul pockets in the side and they do not spread seam silhouette. Patch pockets add volume while you wear them on the parts that you want to highlight. For several seasons and fine dresses with pockets in the side seams.

The side part

Have you accentuated curves? For you, made of hard material that disguises the folds of the thighs, stomach, and waist. Models with side cutting and material in a darker color shift as a thinner silhouette.


Good length for most women the opportunity is around the knee. Dress should end on the thinnest part of his leg, not the thickest. This is especially true for the length below the knee. Models which is a little above the natural waistline waist visually lengthen.