With these 5 tricks, heels become comfortable!

Discover how to wear high heels and to avoid unpleasant pain

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The first associations that every girl binds with high heels are feminine, but also, even a little bit attractive, pain.

How to uncomfortable high heels become so comfortable that they want to spend the whole day, one of the most common questions faced by women around the world.

These five tricks will answer you this question …

1. Avoid the first stiletto heel
It’s simple, it thinner heels – the greater the pain. After several hours of wearing and effort that you put in the maintenance of balance, your heels will become incredibly uncomfortable. To avoid this, look for salvation in thick heels that are a lot more stable, and besides, now are very modern.

2.Carefully choose the size
Incredibly, just in selecting size women often make mistakes. Different models of shoes require differed size. Put them on and take a walk in them before you decide to buy.

3.Platform painless hod
In addition to thin heels, should be avoided and thin soles. How and feet would hurt, select a platform of moderate height that will ease the pressure and help you survive a day in high heels.

4.Choose models that reinforce the ankle
Make sure you find a shoe to your foot will be as stable as possible. Trust, feet will be grateful. This is why, of all shoes with high heels, boots most comfortable. However, in summer you can not cope, so the best choice would be sandals with straps around the ankles.

With the help of silicone pads you will prevent painful feet, but the blisters. You can find them in any drugstore, and we are sure that it will save the day and your step do a lot easier!

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