This is the 10 most common mistakes when using bras! How to fix them?

Your bra size is ideal for the changes. Varies depending on your weight, muscle tension, pregnancy, and even age
Find the ideal bra is a real challenge for most women, but here we have the 10 most common mistakes that women do and how to correct them.

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1. For years, is not measured by the size of the bra

Your bra size is ideal for the changes. Varies depending on your weight, muscle tension, pregnancy, and even age. Choosing a bra is an individual process, and you should periodically check their measures.

• Measure the ideal bra strap so that you start to measure from the back of the back and upward through the chest and under the breast. If you get an odd number, the next even number of rights is the length of the tape
• To measure the size of the basket area around the thickest part of the breast

2. Bra you do not really suit

The cups are too small or too you, but maybe you chose the wrong design for the shape of the breast. Women who have larger breasts should wear the so-called. demi bras. When trying out bras also check how it looks under your shirt.

3. Bra strap is not parallel

If the bra straps closer to the shoulders, the bra is too big and does not provide enough support. The result is the pain in the back or shoulders, but rather select a smaller number of bras.

4. Wire bra bothers you and stab

It’s probably too small bra size. Experts say that most women wear a bra strap that is too big or cups that are too small. The underwire should be located under your breasts. Do you like that too bent or feel pain, select another size?

5. Choosing bras without wires, tapes or clips

Often choosing women with larger breasts, but these bras provide the least support. Rather Search for the bra that is of sterner stuff than the one preelastičnog.

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6. Choosing the elastic bras without wires

The bra should not be washed after each wearing, but the elastic band should be a day of rest. Are you wearing a bra two days in a row, stretched and will not be returned to its original state. Try alternate four or five different types of bras.

7. Putting a bra in the dryer

The best way to wash bras that fasten it and put in a separate bag. Also, do not dry in the dishwasher. Experts believe that the heat damage the delicate material of the bra and the buckle.

8. Bra store so that you fold a basket of entering into each other

Do not do it! If you can, bra vertical lay in a drawer, you have space, you can hang it on the small hangers in the closet.

9. Under the clothes, you wear contrasting bra

An ordinary camera flash or bright light is enough to get your bra notices under your shirt. Under the bright shirt rather wear bras color or white.

10. For too long they are kept

Once you find the perfect bra you will not want to change. You can expect that it will take only a year, and then get ready for a new purchase.

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