Black is a such a happy color

Black is color that the man adore and look great, but only if they look perfect combine.

Although many black men’s favorite color, we remember that most of us wears black (suit) in formal situations. The only exception are the fat ones that wear black clothes in the hope that they will look thinner. Also, black is avoided in summer when we thought that would be it could burn out. However, black clothing can be worn all year round, in all circumstances and at the same time it can look great! And to know how to make it read the rest of the text!

Wear Different Materials

If you are all dressed in black is extremely important that you each article is other material. For example, wear black jeans and a black polyester shirt, or what kind of shirt. Through this you can still put on and what black jacket. Why is it important to be different materials? For the simple reason, otherwise you’ll look like you’ve painted with color, or you wrap the monochrome curtain.

Black Leather Jacket

How many times have you heard a girl say that worships short black mini skirts? Well, as they believed that the miniskirt, it’s us men black leather jacket! You can wear with anything, but in combination with other dark clothes that you put on yourself the most perfect works. Better than any jacket!

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Dress according to the season

You have decided that black is your color, but you have to keep an eye on what dress to yourself. Cotton shirts and clothing made of linen keep for the summer, while wool shirts and hoodies in colder times. Although this all should be clear, some still know to dress black T-shirt under the jacket immediately. Speaking of jersey, forget black shirts with descriptions favorite bands – that you should already grow.