All The Things You Can Do Naked

Out there is winter, and you limit your exits because of the danger of swine flu. Try in the heat of your home to take off all the cloths with you and make a surprise to your partner!

We’ll give you a few suggestions to advise you on everything you can do naked, and that love making is not necessary. Well, most of these activities will lead to it … Couples with a shorter duration will add oil to the fire. The veterans, after a bit of shyness and inhibition, wake up the passions in themselves and find a new reason to smile the next day.

Be my model
Dig your digital camera and suggest your partner’s photo shoot. Start completely dressed, so that you give the model enough time to become self-confident, and for each piece of clothing she takes off, let your one finish on the floor. Put it on a sofa and a bed, and you can visit the bathroom and prepare a sparkling bath. Possibilities are infinite, try several recordings in each room at home.


Strip Poker
If you have no idea about poker rules, the game will be more fun and shorter will last, but that’s the whole meaning, right? As a player loses, he needs to take out one garment item. If you want a challenging game, let the winner determine which object will end up on the floor.

Save water – shower together!
Why not together? Shared Showering can be a ritual experience that accompanies you, just as it exacerbates the passions in the relationship. Surprise your partner by arranging the bathroom.  Remember all those powerful spa commercials that you talked about and this look. Lighten small pits, lighten up, and if you feel particularly romantic, buy a few roses and spread petals on the floor. You will create a romantic atmosphere at first glance, and it will be very grateful. How grateful? It will show you in the tub.