Тhe Strongest Aphrodisiac According to The Zodiac Sign (1/2)

If you have a problem in bed, do not despair, because astrology has the solution again. Spice up your love life in a simple way – discover the aphrodisiac of your partner and use it for the first time.


The Aries do not like the foreplay and want to immediately switch to the main thing. They want sensual clothes that can literally tear it from their partner’s body. They do not choose a place and time to meet the needs, but they want passionate and quick action. Aries expect their partner to be creative and allow them to dominate. Their aphrodisiac is ginger.


The bulls have sharpened senses. The most important thing to them is the ambience, so they love silk bedding, action in the jacuzzi or some other hot room. During the foreplay they want to consume food and drink, and most stimulate honey. Sweets with honey are the perfect additive in foreplay, and it is also desirable to play music in the background.


Gemini want to experiment and make love in unusual places. They stimulate pornography, but also sensual toys. They get excited by the conversations on that subject, and they also want a dirty tale. There is no taboo for them. They like nourished and skilled hands, and their aphrodisiac is cinnamon.



Cancers at first glance are timid, and in fact they are very sensual. Preview is more important to them. They like hot lingerie and quiet music. They are most comfortable in a familiar environment and do not like vulgarity or rudeness. It arouses massage with aromatic oils, and the oysters are the secret ingredient to awaken their passions.


For the Lion, the most important is the visual stimulation and therefore has to have an attractive partner. He likes to have loud action and wants to be seen in a mirror, sometimes even shooting. For him, there is no greater aphrodisiac than the compliment, and it also causes massage on the back. Libido boosts the world’s most expensive spice – saffron.


Although it looks calm and shy, it’s a real artist in bed. The virgins are spontaneous and do not want surprises. The best foreplay is a shared shower. The initiative often leaves it to the partner and accepts subordinate positions. The stomach and groin are the strongest erogenous zone, and the best aphrodisiac is garlic.