The 10 best dressed actors of all time

On this list are actors whose personal style has been above the industry standard at any point of their career, and those who have helped to influence trends in the fashion of their era.

Focusing on movie stars who influenced us in our personal lives, and actors whose films and personal style helped play a part in today world fashion.


10. Jack Nicholson


Jack has a style, wit and charisma. He is the most nominated actor of all time. He is able to elevate his roles into dynamic and stylish characters that will stand the test of time.


9. Jean Paul Belmondo


He has a lot of charm and sence of humor. One of the best Franch actors of all time.


8. Humphrey Bogart


His most notable role was at “Casablanca”. He was courageous and virtious movie star.


7. Steve McQueen


He was the king of cool, and also the role model for numbers of men and boys of his generation. Every role he played he made much attractive.


6. Clint Eastwood


His charm was solidified tgrough his narrow eyes, trademark expressions and the unexpected smile.


5. Gregory Pack


He had roles that helped shape the idea of a hero. Pack developed standards of dress that have been upheld by many generations since his era.


4.Paul Newman


Paul is one of the most famous actors ever. Also known as a caring and generous man, and he’a a founder of Newman’s Own food company.


3. Marcelo Mastroianni


He was Italian, growing up in Rome, so he had the Italian clothing sensibility.


2. Cary Grant


One of the biggest gentleman’s of his era. He was blessed with good looks and charm and was known as one of the most famous actors of his era.


1.Marlon Brando


Named as one the most 100 most important people of the century. The Godfather made him one of the most famous actors of all time.