Treatment Options for Testicular Cancer

Most patients with testicular cancer today recover from this disease. According to new statistics from the British Center for Cancer Research.

The testicular cancer rate survival since the 1970s is increasing by almost a third. More than 96% of men suffering from cancers can be cure. 40 years ago, the survival rate was less than 70%, writes The Telegraph.

Unlike some other types of cancer, testicular cancer occurs in relatively young age. This is the most common form of cancer in men between 15 and 49 years.

Improvement in survival rates is partly attributing to the use of cisplatin. This is also use in bladder, lung and ovarian cancer.

Doctor Harpal Kumar of the British Center for Cancer Research agrees on the importance of this drug. “It helps almost all sick men recover successfully. It is an example of what can all be accomplished through dedicated work and research,” he says, adding that for some forms of cancer, the word “cure” is almost a reality.

Testicular Cancer

“About 96% of patients with testicular cancer can now be cured, but it is important to pay attention to the remaining 4% percent who are losing the battle with this disease and the fact that we still need treatments that will give patients even better care in the future” , expires.

The most common early symptoms of testicular cancer are the nose or swelling of the testes. Therefore warning signs we should not ignore. Although most lumps will not be testicular cancer, it is important to do a review as early as possible in order to make the chances of healing better.

Testicular cancer treatment has a success rate of about 95% – in other words, 95% of all testicular cancer patients who receive treatment make a full recovery. The sooner a patient is diagnosing and treating the better his prognosis is.