PLEASE NOTE: These Are Potential Cancer Symptoms, Do Not Ignore Them!

There are common symptoms that indicate the occurrence of cancer in the body. Experts warn that these symptoms should not be overlooked and that a visit to your doctor in these cases is extremely important.

Here are some of the symptoms which indicate that you should see your doctor:

Unexplained weight loss

If you start to gradually lose weight because you are dieting and exercising, that’s fine, but if you lose weight without any changes to your lifestyle, it can be associated with several cancers, including pancreatic and stomach cancer.

Increased temperature

Constant elevated temperature may be a sign of the occurrence of lymphoma or leukemia. If you have a constant fever, go to the doctor. The high temperature in any case should be treated medically.

Constant pain

If something hurts, there can be many reasons. But frequent headaches may be a sign of cancer of the brain and back pain can indicate colon cancer or ovarian cancer. If you often feel pain, you should see a doctor.

Cough and gruffness that does not stop

Persistent cough and gruffness may be signs of lung or throat cancer. They are often a result of allergies; on the other hand, they can give an indication of sickness.

Unusual bleeding

Unusual bleeding is one of the many signs of cancer. Expectoration of blood may mean lung cancer; blood in the stool may refer to cancer of the colon and rectum; blood in the urine may be due to cancer of the bladder; the constant vaginal bleeding may occur due to cancer of the cervix, while bloody nipple may be a consequence of breast cancer.

Changes in bladder function

If you feel pain when you are urinating, and you notice blood in the urine or other changes, such as urinating more or less than before, it can be a symptom of cancer of the bladder or prostate. Also, if you notice frequent diarrhea, it may be sign of colon cancer. Early detection of this cancer by colonoscopy can save your life.

Wounds that do not heal

If you have constant pain and wounds that never heal, you must see your doctor. Wounds in the mouth can be a sign of cancer.

Skin changes

If you notice any changes in the skin, changes of a mole or wart, they can be signs of melanoma, the worst type of skin cancer. Visit a dermatologist because such cancers can be easily treated if they are early detected.


Constant fatigue that endures can also be a sign of cancer. However, this is not exactly a sure sign because many people may feel tired because of different reasons. However, if you’re always tired, you should see a doctor.

Abdominal weight gain

Women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer report inexplicable abdominal bloating that came on unexpectedly and continued off and on for a long period of time.


If you notice lumps under the skin, you should see a dermatologist immediately. Be especially careful if they appear in the breasts, testicles or nearby lymph nodes. Do not be afraid if you have lumps on your hands and feet. These are probably harmless cysts.