Nutrition Tips for Handsome and Muscular Body

Weight training alone is not the right diet no guarantee for toning. Finally, the muscles are engines with and without fuel tend to strikes. The health nutrition supplement is therefore absolutely essential – and this goes without panacea, preparations or powder.

Everything for the construction

Basically, our food consists of three components: carbohydrates, protein, and fats. There are various diet schools (such as the so-popular low-carb diet) that promise miraculous results partially somewhat contradictory, but the principle of a healthy muscle structure during strength training, there is a guiding principle: Would athletes also do so?

Would athletes refrain about carbohydrates? Certainly not, because the body needs this energy to remain efficient. Do not worry so, neither pasta nor bread are taboo. On the contrary, in the construction phase carbohydrates are important. Complex carbohydrates from whole grains are the basis, provide long energy and saturate the whole day.

health nutrition

In addition, a lot of protein in the diet is one, accompanying the weight training can 1-2 grams per kilogram of body weight be. Even healthy, polyunsaturated fatty acids belong to the eating plan that there are about in nuts or fish.

All this, and that’s the good news, will achieve with a healthy, balance diet with no panacea. The protein powder may remain in the closet so happy, instead, are fish, chicken, nuts, avocados and olive top foods to provide all the nutrients the body needs. Even soy and wheat protein are a great source of energy for muscle growth if the diet should be vegan. Fruits and vegetables are the perfect complement and provide valuable minerals and amino acids, mainly to the body need to convert proteins.

Healthy and often, instead of in between rushed

Just as important as the quality of food is the quantity. With 2-3 meals per day, the stomach is indeed filled but also crowded. Healthier it every 2-3 hours is (!) Something to eat. This can also be just a small, healthy snack in the break be – the body remains more powerful when it is constantly supplied with nutrients. Fear of late meals is actually only partially justified: Directly before sleep makes a full stomach for restless sleep and hinders digestion, the true extent. However, calories remain around 30 hours in the body before they convert into fat, energetically to dinner can therefore also burn tomorrow.

Before sports stomach may then be spared quiet, about two hours before exercise, heavy meals are taboo. After exercising the body, on the other hand, needs a larger meal to replenish the energy reserves. Muscle building can be even without much effort by ideal proper nutrition support. And that is not only efficient but also healthy.