Do You Know How Sleeping Affects Testosterone

If you do not sleep as much as the experts recommend, you are exposed to a series of problems. The consequences can be visible on your reproductive health, muscle mass and general state of the body.

Men who don’t sleep seven to eight hours a night have lower levels of testosterone. Lower levels of this hormone imply less muscle, less bone mass. It may be a problem for osteoporosis and lower energy.

The American team of researchers compared testosterone levels in healthy and slim 24-year-old men. They slept at ten hours at night and compared their data when they slept less than five hours. They concluded that sleep deficits can disrupt the endocrine system and thus cause testosterone levels to drop by 10 to 15%. In conclusion, level of this hormone was lowest for 14 hours and 22 hours the day when the subjects were sleeping limited.

Respondents also passed a series of physical and psychological tests for endocrine or psychiatric disorders. After a week of short sleep, the men themselves said for themselves that they felt strangely and less energetically. Their perception went hand in hand with a reading of a drop in the levels of testosterone.

men testosterone

Reduced levels of testosterone can affect concentration, mood, sensual desire, and energy levels. Experts argue that with its age, its level drops by one to two percent a year, which is quite common.

The results of a study by British Royal Hospital experts have shown that men diagnosed with coronary heart disease and low levels of testosterone have almost twice as much chance of dying for the next seven years as opposed to men with normal levels of this hormone.

About testosterone is often the wrong image that causes this hormone to cause health problems. No studies have shown that normal levels of hormones are harmful.