What Every Man Should Know About Fertility

Men who like to eat bacon and drink beer will certainly not cheer up information that such a life damages their fertility! But we bring good news! Some things can harm his fertility, but others for sure can help.

Here’s a list of things that can help a man become a father:

1. Carrots
In addition to nutritional values, carrots contain beta-carotene that improves the quality and mobility of sperm. A new study reveals that men who regularly eat carrots have the most vulnerable sperm.

2. Tomato
According to new research, men who like to eat tomatoes have fewer unhealthy sperm counts.

3. Fish
We know that fish is not bacon, but it greatly improves sperm quality. Harvard reports that men eating fish every other day have a healthier and better sperm than those who had red and white meat at that time. White fish is full of zinc that is believed to improve fertility.

Men Fertility

4. Training
We all know that exercise has a positive effect on health, and in men it specifically improves sperm quality. More active men have more sperm, more active sperm. But from the Mayo Clinic, they say you do not overdo it because athletes who overload the body can affect sperm production.

5. Ginseng
Who needs a screwdriver when this magical plant exists? Not only increases sensual desire, relaxes muscles and acts well on erectile dysfunction, but according to the US National Institute of Health, men who enter Ginseng in the body have more sperm counts.

6. Regular Intimate Relations
Here are the tips that will accept every man without science to persuade him. Many couples think that “savings” of sperm may well affect male fertility, but research says it is the reverse situation. Regular relationships mean a lot of new fast and healthy sperm.