What Can Happen to Your Body if You Are Absent From Bedroom Games!

You may not have thought of it, but a “dry season” in your bed can also affect your health – in a good and bad way.

Are your nervous in the last time?
Making love also served as a discharge valve, and one study (conducted in Scotland) confirmed that people who had not long practiced it felt more nervous at public appearances, as opposed to those who had at least one relationship in two weeks. The brain releases hormones of happiness, and one of them is endorphin that stimulates relaxation, the authors believe.

Stop the prostate cancer

Often ejaculation, especially in the 20s, may reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer in later years, Australian researchers reported. Men ejaculating five or more times a week in the 20s reduce their risk of prostate cancer by one-third. The more excretion of sperm – the less chance of prostate cancer!

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Avoid bacteria and viruses

Experts say: make love once or twice a week. This increases the amount of antibody called immunoglobulin A or IgA. These antibodies can protect you against colds and other infections. This is confirmed by a study involving 112 students. Those who were more likely to lead to love – once or twice a week – had elevated levels of IgA from those who had abandoned or carried on love less than once a week.

High risk from heart disease

A recent study at the New England Institute in Massachusetts has shown that men who are making love twice a week are faced with a 45% lower risk of developing heart disease than those who love love once a month or less.

Losing trust in the partner

A relationship without making love can cause disagreements in relation or at least to exacerbate doubt in the quality of the relationship. Also, if a partner refuses to make love, there is low self-confidence and suspicion of partner loyalty.